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Leading with Lord Huron. #worthit

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Second graders learn grammar by correcting tweets from NFL players. 

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Incidentally, they’re going on Leno

I was on the phone with the lord of Lord Huron Monday, hearing about his narrow escape from NYC Sunday night, where the band was wrapping up its “Lonesome Dreams” tour. As we were winding up our conversation, the kids casually remarks:

“Oh, yeah - we’re going on Leno.”

“On what?”

“On Leno.”

“You mean like JAY Leno?”

“Yeah, the ‘Tonight Show.’”

“Holy sh@#.”

So, on the spot, he and I get his mother on a conference call, and he delivers the news to her.

“WHAT???!!!!,” she says. “OH MY GOD!!!”

Being a guy who likes to see things in writing, I call up the NBC website on my laptop, and here’s what I find:

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Sally Field, Chris Matthews, Lord Huron

On Thursday November 08th, 2012 Jay opens up with a monologue and then welcomes the following guests Sally Field, Chris Matthews, Lord Huron

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This Video. 

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Must get a food processor! 


When the forecast looks rainy, all you need is some friends, a classic movie and baked artichoke, goat cheese & pesto dip. Don’t skimp out on the chips for this hearty dip.


Baked Artichoke, Goat Cheese & Pesto Dip | Appetizer Recipes | PBS Food



T-Rex Trying to Watch all the Shark Week Episodes he Thought he Recorded on his DVR…


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"The first time I looked at my 401(k) statement, I was like, “Holy moly how did that money get in there!?” I never would have done that on my own. So that taught me the value of making the the money invisible. I have a Chase checking account and three savings accounts. So my first savings account is savings I need to live for the next three months or whatever. The second one is for if I want to buy house, so future things. And then the third is for vacations. So a portion of paycheck immediately goes into each of those savings accounts each month. If it goes into your checking first, it seems like it’s your allowance and your job is to get it to zero."